Monday, April 18, 2011

An Easter Poem

I love to write in rhyming verse, and I wrote this little poem as a tribute to my mother. It reminds me of all the Easter Sundays my sisters, brother and I shared when we were kids. Mom made a big deal out of Easter and it was always such a special day. I remember how sad I was when it was time to get dressed for church and leave the Easter baskets behind...and what fun it was to come back  home and gorge on chocolate!

Easter’s coming
Hop, Hop, Hop

Easter bunnies
Shop, Shop Shop!

Chocolate rabbits, Peeps and grass
Transport through the looking glass

Easter magic for a child
Look of wonder, face beguiled

Jellybeans and Easter eggs
Hide behind the table legs

Under couches, desks and chairs
Look around, they’re everywhere!

When the sweets have all been found
Church bells summon and resound

Dressed up in our Easter best
Off we go in frills and vest

To sing the praise and mourn the loss
Of He who died upon the cross

Who three days later, rose again
And cleansed us of our earthly sins

Thank you, God for Easter fun
And sending us your only Son

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