Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Can See Clearly Now

I remember the first time I actually caught myself extending my arm to its fullest reach trying to read a recipe card. 'Uh-oh,' I thought. 'This is not good.' For months afterwards, I made myself squint and strain to read at the distance I had enjoyed all my life, but my arm would insidiously defy me and creep away from my face.

"You need reading glasses," said Gary observing my struggle one evening.

"Oh, I don't think so. My eyes are just tired."

"They seem to be tired a lot lately. You need reading glasses."

I had to admit the truth to myself if not to Gary, so the next time I was in CVS I surreptitiously eyed the display of reading glasses. Looking the various styles up and down from a safe distance, I was aggravated to learn I couldn't read the price tags or various lens strengths from afar. Broken in spirit and devoid of any hope for the return of my youthful eyesight, I stepped closer and tried on several pairs of glasses. I was happy to find I needed the lowest strength, settled on a pair I thought looked good on me and checked out.

Now, I read a the kitchen table (my favorite spot), in my bedroom, in the car (when Gary's driving), at my desk at work, in the bathroom (admit it, you do too), at my home computer, and all sorts of other places. The trouble I kept running into was that I would find myself in one spot, and my reading glasses would invariably be in another. Then one day I was at Sam's Club and happened upon a display of reading glasses that offered four pairs of glasses in one box for one low price. I was ecstatic! I bought a package, took them home and distributed the various pairs throughout the house. It was better but I still occasionally found myself separated from my reading glasses when I really needed them. But overall, the situation was much improved.

A short time later I was running a little behind on my way to work then was further delayed because I couldn’t find my regular glasses, the ones I use for distance and driving. Gary was helping me look and called from the kitchen table, “Here they are!”

I raced over to him. “No, that’s not them.”

“You said you were looking for your glasses.”

“Right, but those are for reading. I need my real glasses – the ones I wear all the time.”

Unfazed, Gary persevered. “Is this them?” he called from the office.

I came in to look. “No. Those are also reading glasses. The ones I need have a bronze metal frame and the lenses are larger than these.”

Gary looked a bit befuddled, so I released him from his obligatory duty. “Never mind, I’ll wear my old pair and find them later.”

He looked relieved.

Time passed and one day I realized I was squinting again even though I was wearing reading glasses. So the next time I was at Sam’s Club, I checked their display. Sure enough, I now needed the 1.50 strength in order to see the test lettering clearly. No longer a novice, I bought two packages – eight wonderful second sets of eyes to assist me at every turn! Plus, I still have the five original pair stashed away in the event I need them.  Plus, I went back to my optometrist and ordered a second set of regular lenses which will come in handy if I lose my first pair again... and they were running a special, so I also received a free pair of prescription sunglasses! Aaaah, life is good. At least until my eyes get worse.

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